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Health Functional Food

What is Health Functional Food GMP?

Contents Explanation
Health Functional Food Process of form for food for simple consumption of ingredients that can help your health (dry)
Health Functional Food GMP Requirements and compliance for manufacturing excellent health functional foods with guaranteed quality is set in manufacturers specializing in health functional foods, and matters concerning facility, workshop, manufacturing management, quality management, and management of applicable businesses are stipulated based on delegation of the Health Functional Food Act

Gmp Certification

New Manufactory's GMP

Permit procedures
  • 1.Submit application for business license
  • 2.Document review (manufacturing facility standards, GMP management standards)
  • 3.Field inspection and facility inspection (evaluation of conformity to facility standards, GMP implementation status)
  • 4.Inspection
  • 5.License, GMP Issuance of a Designation Letter
Application form
  • 1.Types of products and manufacturing instructions and manufacturing instructions
  • 2.Manufacturing facility layout and main equipment list (machine, instruments)
  • 3.Declaration of appointment of quality manager
  • 4.Certificate of Education (if pre-trained)
  • 5.Water quality inspection report issued by the water quality inspection agency
  • 6.List of machinery and equipment in the Quality control room
  • 7.Four GMP Management Standards for GMP Verification

GMPs from previous manufacturers

Permission procedure
  • 1.Acceptance of Application for Designation
  • 2.Document Review (Manufacturing Facilities Standard, GMP Management Standard)
  • 3.Local verification and evaluation (GMP implementation status evaluation)
  • 4.Judgement
  • 5.Issuance of GMP application business specification
Application form
  • 1.Copy of manufacturing process chart by item
  • 2.Building Layout and Workshop Plan of Manufacturing Plant
  • 3.List of machines and appliances in the Quality Management Office
  • 4.a copy of a certificate of completion
  • 5.Self-evaluation results and related documents applied and operated three or more times