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"'G-Pass' will help customers achieve GMP certification in the fastest and most reliable way"

Gpass holds a national construction license to install not only GMP and GLP-based bio product manufacturing and testing facilities, but also special air conditioning and cleanroom facilities necessary for electrical, electronic, and semiconductor manufacturing processes.
We are a professional construction company in the field of equipment. Since our establishment in 2007, we have been supplying comprehensive manufacturing support system design and construction services for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a GMP and cleanroom manufacturing facility that can verify the qualifications of the customer's product production process.We are performing manufacturing and support services specialized for GMP, such as actively responding to the establishment and preparation of manufacturing and quality control standards for new product certification of GMP.

We supply and carry out systematic T.A.B. according to the current ISO regulations
so that the results of the customer's valuable facility investment can be completed at once without the risk of loss of opportunity costs for re-construction and re-verification work due to additional supplementation by the certification authority. Furthermore, we can directly plan and carry out the qualification process according to the environmental installation standards in the factory, implement differential cleanliness classification, air-conditioning, mapping-test verification.

Through the design and implementation of aerodynamic harmony and control using professional thermal and fluid dynamics, detailed construction services are provided beyond simple contractors to ensure the progress of QUALIFICATION in the certification preparation process. Through this, we are a special partner company that is sufficiently satisfied with the investment and is able to respond to the needs of uncertainty that may be raised in the integrated certification process under VMS. As a TOTAL engineering company, G-Pass has established a partnership to design and apply our supplies specialized in customer construction sites. As the legal facility, manufacturing and quality control standards for product certification are raised, the customer can complete the certification quickly.

In addition, we are developing and applying customized facilities of each customer company for the role of leading suppliers, such as the application of the latest facility structure recognized in the global industry, and we are already building cooperative partnerships with GMP construction companies. In order to supply innovative and verifiable manufacturing plants that meet international standards, our corporate goal is to supply manufacturing plants that do not meet global verification standards and conditions such as KFDA, FDA, EMA, and PMDA. G-Pass will apply the design and precise construction so that stable facility standards and normal support facilities can be maintained even after completion of construction, and we will respond to the customer's trust with unlimited responsibility through regular visit inspection services by professional A/S departments.

Thank you.

- G-pass employees -