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NO Orders Customer Construction
147 Conduct comprehensive verification of nationally designated inpatient treatment beds Uuh Ulsan
146 RP Center filter replacement and qualification assessment (East/West Building) Seoul Asan Medical Center
145 Construction of medical device GMP manufacturing support facilities Aroma Science CO LTD.,
144 GCLP remodeling work (Geumcheon) Prime healthcare CO LTD.,
143 CGMP manufacturing support facility construction (Osan) EZ-COSTEC CO LTD.,
142 Cell therapy center GMP construction (Ulsan) Uuh Ulsan
141 Medical device GMP manufacturing support facility remodeling project (Wonju) Insungmedical CO LTD.,
140 CGMP Microbiology Laboratory HVAC Remodeling Work Hanacos CO LTD.,
139 GMP manufacturing support facility revalidation construction (Seoul) Prolagen CO LTD.,
138 Extrusion molding clean room line remodeling project (Pocheon) Ispl CO LTD.,
137 Construction of cosmetics CGMP manufacturing support facilities (Eumseong) Gev Korea CO LTD.,
136 Radiopharmaceutical GMP response construction (Seongdong, Seoul) Hanyang University Hospital RP Center
135 Medical device GMP manufacturing support facility construction (Hanam) A*** CO LTD., (KOSDAQ listed company)
134 CGMP manufacturing support facility construction (Level 1~) (Seongnam) A*** CO LTD., (Bio)
133 CGMP manufacturing support facility (CDA) delivery construction (Chuncheon) L*** CO LTD.,
132 Radiopharmaceutical GMP differential pressure adjustment construction (Chilgok) Kyungpook National University Hospital RP Center
131 GCLP test support facility construction (Gayang, Seoul) P*** CO LTD., (sample testing institute)
130 Medical device GMP manufacturing support facility construction (Grade 4) (Guro, Seoul) B*** CO LTD., (Bio)
129 GMP Stability Test Lab Construction (Cheonan) R*** CO LTD., (KOSDAQ listed company)
128 Pharmaceutical GMP construction work (FDA certification) (Cheonan) R*** CO LTD., (KOSDAQ listed company)
127 Radiopharmaceutical GMP clean room construction work (Sinchon, Seoul) Sinchon Severance Hospital RP Center
126 Clean room system construction (new 1st and 2nd floors) (Paju) Sungwon PNI
125 Medical device GMP clean room validation (Songpa, Seoul) Genecast
124 Aseptic clean room GMP facility construction (Seoul) JWBioscience
123 Medical device GMP manufacturing support facility remodeling work (Gwanggyo) U CO LTD., (Konex listed company)
122 Liquid biopsy medical device GMP facility construction (Songpa) Genecast / IDEN
121 QC laboratory electrical work (Gwanggyo) HEM
120 Tuberculosis medium medical device GMP construction work (Pocheon) S*** CO LTD.,
119 Pharmaceutical GMP construction work (Incheon) S*** CO LTD.,
118 Medical device KGMP certification facility construction (Eumseong) S*** CO LTD.,
117 Medicinal supplement GMP facility construction (Hwaseong) F*** CO LTD.,
116 Soft capsule GMP line T.A.B performed (Russia) K*** CO LTD.,
115 Cleanroom construction (Pocheon) S*** CO LTD.,
114 Blood product GMP basic design service (Gunpo) Korea Industrial Health Association
113 Cell therapy product GMP concept design (Seoul) V*** CO LTD.,
112 Cell therapy product GMP concept design (Seoul) V*** CO LTD.,
111 Cell CULTURE ROOM construction (Cheongdam) D**** CO LTD.,
110 Radiological Drugs GMP Construction (Sinchon Severance) (c) D*** CO LTD.,
109 ISO22716-CGMP facility construction (Songtan) (c) B*** CO LTD.,
108 Negative pressure cleanroom construction (Munjeong) (c) I*** CO LTD.,
107 Radioactive Drugs GMP Differential Air Pressure (Hangyang) (c) D*** CO LTD.,
106 EU-GMP (Health Functional Food) Formation Work (RUSSIA) (c) K*** CO LTD.,
105 Design/HVAC Validation of Radiological Drugs GMP (c) D*** CO LTD.,
104 Cleanroom construction (Pocheon, Jinmok) (c) SPL CO LTD.,
103 CGMP (ISO22716) Construction (Pyeongtaek) (c) B*** CO LTD.,
102 Cosmetics ISO22716 Constrution (Gimpo) OBSLAB
100 Sanitory Aid GMP Construction (Paju) (c) Q*** CO LTD.,
99 Construction of Cellular Storage GMP Line (Anyang) (c) M*** CO LTD.,
98 Reagent Manufacturing Line KGMP Facility Construction (c) O*** CO LTD.,
97 Hospital operating room construction (Misa) Misatntn Hospital
96 Operating room construction (Yeoju) SEJONG YEOJU Hospital
95 Medical Device GMP construction (Pocheon) (c) BANDIO CO LTD.,
94 CGMP(ISO22716) construction (Bucheon) BEAUTYCHANNEL
93 CGMP Remodelling construction (Yongyin) O-COSMETIC
92 Medical Device GMP Construction (Pangyo) (c) OPTOLANE CO LTD.,
91 Raw Material Pharmaceuticals GMP construction (TOYAMA) KOUKANDOU JAPAN
90 CGMP Remodelling construction (c) HANACOS CO LTD.,
88 Stemcell incubating centre Sterile construction JUCBIOCENTER
87 Carbone Block Manufacturing Line Cleanroom (c) Microfilter CO LTD.,
86 Hmma (Hyundai Motor America) delivery of production HMMA
85 Improvement of HVAC System for Radiological Drugs First GMP
84 Construction of Cleanroom for GMP Container Sungwon P&I
83 Asepsis microbial labratory construction NSFKOREA
82 Medical Device (class 3) H.E.P.A filter exchange construction MGMED
81 TV LCM line Cleanroom construction [Mexico] Oriental Precision America
80 Freezer/Fridge facility Remodeling FOSECA
79 H.E.P.A filter exchange work UNID Research Centre
78 Hospital Air Shower Production Supplies (c) KDena CO LTD., - B Hospital
77 Medical Device (class 3) GMP construction Wellsbio
76 Raw materials pharmaceuticals Cleanroom Chemtros
75 Stem cell asepsis Incubating facility Cleanroom construction STEM GANGNAM
74 Airborne Particle Counter and T.A.B (c) Mooritech CO LTED.,
73 HACCP Refrigeration Supply and Sanitary Ware Gunyung fisheries
72 Construction of the Clean Room for Medical Equipment NBSKOREA
71 Medical Device(class 3) Cleanroom installation/construction (c)XenoRay
70 Cleanroom construction Oriental Precision America
69 Cleanroom construction (c) DREAMTECH CO LTD., (Cheonan)
68 Cleanroom Equipment production supply (c) INNOX CO LTD., (Asan)
67 Hospital FFU Production Supplies TEMSCO (Vietnam)
66 Semiconductor Equipment/Cleanroom Equipment (c) ASTJ CO LTD., (Cheonan)
65 Hospital FFU Production Supplies JENIS Plastic Surgery (Ulsan)
64 Electrostatic Passbox Production Supplies (c) SPRM CO LTD., (Seongnam)
63 Cleanroom Material Supply KK Construction -SAIDA (India)
62 Cleanroom construction (GMP) (c) S.D.E CO LTD., (Seongsu)
61 Cleanroom Construction (c) J.J.N.T (Seotan)
60 H.V.A.C installation/construction (GMP) (c) C.H.N CO LTD., (Jincheon)
59 Cleanroom construction (GMP) (c) I.T.B CO LTD., (Seongnam)
58 Cleanroom Construction (c) S.P.M CO LTD., (Seongnam)
57 Cleanroom Construction (c) S.A.T CO LTD., (Hyangnam)
56 Cleanroom Construction (c) D.R.T (Cheonan)
55 Cleanroom Construction (c) H&iruja CO LTD., (Asan)
54 Vietnam cleanroom construction (c) DREAMTECH VINA CO LTD., (Vietnam)
53 Cleanroom Construction (c) ASJTEK CO LTD., (Cheonan)
52 HVAC OVERHAUL and Duct construction (c) ITEST CO LTD., (Incheon)
51 HACCP Overseas Plant Installation/construction (c) FOCECA VINA CO LTD., (Vietnam)
50 Cleanroom Construction (c) DREAM TECH CO LTD., (Gunpo)
49 Cleanroom construction (2nd) (c) O.P.A(MEXICO TIJUANA)
48 Cleanroom Design and Supervision Service (c) OPTIS-SICC CO LTD., (Philipines)
47 Cleanroom Construction (c) Plus Sejung CO LTD., (Seoul)
46 SHIELD ROOM Cleanroom Installation/construction Seoul National University
45 CULTURE Cleanroom construction Seoul National University
44 Cleanroom Equipment production/installation/construction (c) Digitech Systems CO LTD., (Paju)
43 Cleanroom Construction (c) MGMED CO LTD., (Seoul)
42 Cleanroom Construction (c) SAEWON CO LTD., (Bucheon)
41 Cleanroom Construction (c) yes-telecom CO LTD., (Incheon)
40 Cleanroom Construction (c) RUINSYS CO LTD., (Bucheon)
39 Cleanroom production/installation/construction (c) L-TECH CO LTD., (Cheonan)
38 Cleanroom installation/construction (c) Samlung CO LTD., (Seongnam)
37 JWmedical cleanroom facility construction (c) JWmedical CO LTD., (Seoul)
36 Medical mining technology cleanroom (c) ABIZ-RAY CO LTD., (Dongtan)
35 Coreana cosmetics cleanroom facility construction (c) coreana CO LTD., (Cheonan)
34 Dow Chemical Cleanbooth production/installation (c) The Dow Chemical CO LTD., (Giheung)
33 Air shower unit production/construction D-TECH (VIETNAM HANOI)
32 Constant temperature and humidity (c) JNP CORP CO LTD.,(Sihwa)
31 Cleanroom construction (c) SPL CO LTD., (Pocheon)
30 Constant temperature and humidity room construction (c) DongbuCNI CO LTD., (Ansan)
29 Cleanroom Installation/construction (c) INNOX CORP CO LTD., (Pyeongtaek)
28 Cleanroom/Air handling facility installation/construction (c) DREAMTECH CO LTD.,
27 Cleanroom installation/construction (c) OE SOULUTON CO LTD., (Anyang)
26 Cleanroom Construction OE Solutions (Gwangju)
25 Cleanroom construction/Installation OPA MEXICO
24 SJ-Hospital Air handling construction SJ (Dangjin)
23 Cleanroom Construction REFRESH (Hamyang)
22 Cleanroom construction (c) SHELBID CO LTD., (Seongnam)
20 Air Handling Facility construction (c) Jungjin-nextech CO LTD., (Seotan)
19 SHIELD ROOM Cleanroom Installation/construction Seoul National University
18 CULTURE Cleanroom construction Seoul National University
17 Completed HACCP Facility Construction (c) JFS CO LTD., (Hwaseong)
16 Cleanroom Construction (c) DongbuFineChem CO LTD., (Ansan)
15 AHU renovation/construction (c) DREAMTECH CO LTD., (Cheonan)
14 Cleanroom Construction (c) Seawon Meditech CO LTD., (Siheung)
13 Production and delivery of Kia Motors' air-conditioning (c) K.C SOLTECH CO.,LTD (U.S.A)
12 Cleanroom construction (c) DONGOH CO LTD., (Hwaseong)
11 Cleanroom construction (c) NPP CO LTD., (Suwon)
10 A.C.U Renovation/Installation (Incorporated Association) KOREA
9 Cleanbooth Production/Installation (c) T.S.P.S CO LTD., (Iksan)
8 Passbox (Auto) Production/Installation (c) Chong Kun Dang CO LTD., (Cheonan)
7 Washing table and DRYER production/Installation (c) Epivalley CO LTD., (Gumi)
6 Cleanroom Construction (c) Hanhwa CO LTD., (Incheon)
5 Supply Air and Duct construction (c) Sinsung Tech CO LTD., (Bucheon)
4 Cleanroom Construction (c) DREAMTECH CO LTD., (Cheonan)
3 Cleanroom construction (c) Dawon Precision CO LTD., (Cheonan)
2 Cleanbooth Production/ Installation (c) Nanos CO LTD., (Hwaseung)
1 Air Shower Production and Installation for Six People (c) MYUNGJIN CO LTD,. (Siheung)